Death Note: Ashes to Ashes

Welcome To Death Note: Ashes to Ashes, A Death Note RPG set up in a persistent world format for your own roleplaying pleasure and enjoyment. We invite you to join in our roleplaying fun and to enjoy yourselves as much as we enjoy ourselves!
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-I stop playing current video game and smoking briefly in order to give an appropriate response and with a sigh- "...wouldn't you like to know..." -then I return to smoking and previous tasks hoping to stay there longer-
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-becoming annoyed, I put down video game a second time in order to utter a response briefly, and after lighting a new cigarette- "...Detective..." -then I try to return to tasks, but glare at you-
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-sweat builds on brows as the very thought of this question occurs. I am not prepared to answer this question.- ..... -shaking I return to my video game-
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