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Welcome To Death Note: Ashes to Ashes, A Death Note RPG set up in a persistent world format for your own roleplaying pleasure and enjoyment. We invite you to join in our roleplaying fun and to enjoy yourselves as much as we enjoy ourselves!
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 Above Angel

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PostSubject: Above Angel   Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:15 pm

What is your character's full name?
Above Angel.

How old is your character?
19 years old.

Date of birth?
Unknown/Not Applicable.

Male or Female?

Older "Brother", Beyond Birthday.

Current residency?
Mental hospital in L.A.

What type of personality does your character have?
Though on the outside she seems very happy and bubbly, Angel suffers from severe depression and separation anxiety. She can be described as hyper, caring, or just plain insane. She is extremely creative and caring, but can, at times, have homicidal tendencies. She has a sharp tongue and quick wit as well as intelligence. She also considers herself a world class actress, without actually being famous.

Lives with?
No one. She wanders.

Angel was born in Japan. Shortly after her birth, her parents abandoned her at an orphanage, fearful of her bright red eyes, after which they committed suicide. Anyone that seemed to make her upset following that incident ended up dead not long after. She came to be known after that as "The Child that Summons Death." Though this may not have been accurate, she was, indeed, a child of death.
She was later brought to Wammy's House at the age of 7 due to her advanced mind. This is when she came into contact for the first time with her "brother", Beyond Birthday. They often shared the same bed when ever they did happen to sleep and would rarely be seen apart from one another.
When "A" committed suicide, they left for LA and weren't heard from until years later. She puts her acting to good use while in the mental institution, causing much disturbance among the guards. When "B" suffers from a heart attack, she escapes and makes her way to Japan, tracking down Kira.

What category does your character fit under?
Other: Human-born Shinigami. She can see names and times of death as well as see other Shinigami.
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Above Angel
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