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Welcome To Death Note: Ashes to Ashes, A Death Note RPG set up in a persistent world format for your own roleplaying pleasure and enjoyment. We invite you to join in our roleplaying fun and to enjoy yourselves as much as we enjoy ourselves!
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 Night Williams, or Northwest/N/Amana all done!

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Night Williams


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PostSubject: Night Williams, or Northwest/N/Amana all done!   Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:37 pm

What is your character's full name?
*Night Alexxandra Williams
How old is your character?
*Has always looked around 19, but actually about 22-23
Date of birth?
*December 14th, 1988
Male or Female?
*Had a twin sister that looked nothing like me, she died from lung cancer, She smoked too much. Mother/father abandoned me when I was four, but I found a family when I was seven, has been happily living as a full family member ever since.
Current residency?
* America, Michigan, moved to Japan to expand glassblowing business.
What type of personality does your character have?
* My childhood was horrible, and that brought out a darker depressed side to me. I always tried to kill myself, but some lighter side of me said I shouldn't cut too deep, or fall from that height, or hold my breath for that long. I was always closed up inside myself, and when I would walk into my room at my home, I would curl up into a small ball and cry myself to sleep.

The happier side of me is an all around happy, fun, and lovable person. I pull pranks, make jokes, and love to go to amusement parks. I have an artistic side to me, and I express it through glassblowing. I express my emotions through writing, drawings, and song. When I'm at home, I am either writing in my black notebook listening to music on a high volume, drawing something, playing a videogame, or watching youtube.
Lives with?
*No one, by myself. I have visitors though!
* I was born on December 14th, 1988. My mother was a jeweler, and my father a lawyer. They never paid attention to me, and eventually just dropped me off at an allyway in the middle of the largest city in the state. I was four. My sister didn't want me to be alone, so she would help me survive. She'd get her babysitter to drive her to that city, and they'd always meet me outside a doughnut shop. One day they didn't come, and they sent a messenger instead. The messenger informed me of an assassination attempt that went wrong, but it still killed my sister and my parents.

A year passes, then another. I got stronger than I already was, and made a few friends of my own. They sticked by my side, and one of them wanted to introduce me to their family. I did as he requested, and because his parents knew he had cancer, they wanted someone to help them remember all that he did in his few 8 years of life. They adopted me, and i lived with my friend alive for one more year. I stayed with his-i mean-my family for the rest of my childhood until I was 15. I got a place that they'd payed for and bought already, so that was now my house. One day when I arrived home from school, there was a jar of strawberry jam on the counter. I never bought jam, always jelly. I used it anyway (the stores kept the jelly and jam right next to each other) and made a pbj sandwich. nothing like that ever happened again, but on the news a few years later i heard of murders in california that involved a jar of strawberry jam as a sign.

I moved to japan when I turned 20, and almost immediately, I heard of some killer named Kira. he was known for killing those who had comitted crimes. Not only was I intrigued about the california killer, but I was now interested in this Kira. What was going on in his mind, how he kills these people, and who he really was. I have been glassblowing by day, and running my own investigation to expose Kira, and possibly thank him for ridding this world of evil like my birth mother and father.
What category does your character fit under?
* Kira supporter, other--hired assassin-in-training.

hope that's good, I thought it was! ^_^

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Night Williams, or Northwest/N/Amana all done!
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