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 Sophia Biatore known as Sassy

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PostSubject: Sophia Biatore known as Sassy   Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:23 am

What is your character's full name?
* Sophia Biatore but call her with her alias Sassy

How old is your character?
* 16.5

Date of birth?
* 1st January

Male or Female?
* Female

Current residency?
* England

* Sassy is tall and she has a healthy body because she used to dance everyday. She was doll like face and pale skin. Her eyes are big and have a dark brown, almost black color and their are surrounded of a thick wall of eye lashes. Her hair is long and forms waves and it has a warm dark brown color.

What type of personality does your character have?
* First of all Sassy is sassy. She doesn't let others control her, she has sharp mouth and she never thinks before doing something. Anyway she is sweet the most of the time and really really cheerful so she reminds others of a child. She has that charming eyes which can melt your soul and manipulate you.
Sassy loves dancing and she spends her whole time dancing or creating choreographies.Sassy is also intelligent, that why she is in Wammy's of course. Actually a lot of people think that she shouldn't get in Wammy's, because she seems a little stupid. But trust me, if she wants to she can be really cunning.

Lives with?
* the kids of Wammy's

* Sophia was born in a normal family. Her mother saw that her daughter loves dancing so she send her to ballet lessons. One tragic day some burglars get in the house, they killed her mother because she tried to defeat herself.Sophia was brought to a strange orphanage somewhere in England and became Sassy. She didn't liked the place. All the kids were freaks, they were doing freaky things all the days and they were talking to someone called L with a webcam. But after some weeks she loved the place.

What category does your character fit under?
* Wammy Follower
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Sophia Biatore known as Sassy
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