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Welcome To Death Note: Ashes to Ashes, A Death Note RPG set up in a persistent world format for your own roleplaying pleasure and enjoyment. We invite you to join in our roleplaying fun and to enjoy yourselves as much as we enjoy ourselves!
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 Basic forum rules

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PostSubject: Basic forum rules   Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:19 pm

Welcome to New Ages Death Note Roleplaying forum, we are extatic you have discovered us!
In order to fully enjoy your experience on these forums, we advise to all newcomers to forums or all newcomes to NADNRPG to read over these rules and deeply comprehend them. Thank you!

01. Please adhere to Forum ToS
02. Keep in mind this forum is PG-13 therefore no obsene acts or words should be seen.
03. Note that the Out of Character section of the forums is only for general chat and/or games.
04. Be kind to others; remember the Golden Rule!
05. No double posting. Period, unless you are setting up an elaborate OOC thread
06. Have fun!
07. Do not flame ones ideas / opinions all instances will be taken as user ganging.
08. Don't user gang. Don't understand the term? 'To physically assult one use through the web through use of a larger group.' This includes, but is not limited to, name calling, flaming, rudeness, and complete lact of respect for the user and/or character.
09. Refer to all Admins as your supreme rulers and all Mods as your humble kings/queens (haha, not really, but you'll get on our good side!)
10. Treat all users with respect despite beliefs, color, or nationality. This is the web, we shouldn't worry about what we feel/look like here!

Several instances here will induce punishments uch as warnings, temporary account disablement, permmanent account disablement, or you will be kept on extremely close watch by me, or any other the other Admins/Mods
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Basic forum rules
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